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January 18, 2017

My Cozy Winter Clothes Wish List to Keep Warm This Season

My Cozy Winter Clothes Wish List to Keep You Warm This Season

It’s winter again and my cold Los Angeles bones aren’t used to the frigid Michigan temperatures yet. Needless to say, with a closet that’s stocked full of 70 and sunny, I’m not fairing too well in my first full Midwest winter. While I love the layered look, the California climate just never called for a blouse under a cardigan under a jacket under a coat. Therefore I knew I needed a winter clothes wish list to prepare and organize everything in one place.

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Just A Little Inspiration

I’m seriously lacking in the cold weather clothing department, and that has to change if I’m going to survive the next few months of snow. I’m also seriously lacking in cash, hence why I won’t be buying most of these pieces any time soon–but a girl can dream.

In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with a little window shopping from time to time, so I took to the web to make a compilation of pieces that I’ve got my eye on. With a few things that will keep me warm and a few things that won’t (thrown in just because I “need” them), here it is–my winter fashion wish list.

My Winter Clothes Wish List



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